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We offer a full liquor bar with a knowledgeable and creative bar staff to mix your delicious libations

Listed below are some examples of the fine spirits you will find here...

Whiskey: Balvenie, Basil Haydens, Bird Dog, Bookers, Buffalo Trace, Bulleit, Bushmills, Chicken Cock, Crown Royal, Dalmore 12 Year, Dead Guy Whiskey, Dewars, Fireball, Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Jack Daniels, Jameson, Jeremiah Weed Sarsparilla, Jim Beam, Johnny Walker, Knob Creek, Laphroaig, Maker's Mark, Michters, Monkey Shoulder, Revel Stoke, Seagrams 7, Southern Comfort, Tullemore Dew, Wild Turkey, Woodford Reserve

Vodka: 3 Olives, Absolut, Belvedere, Cane, Crop, Grey Goose, Jeremiah Sweet Tea, Ketel One, Prarie, Smirnoff, St. Augustine Distillery, Stoli, Tito's Handmade, UV

Rum: 10 Cane, Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Kraken, Malibu, Myers, Rumchata, Sailor Jerry

Gin: Aviation, Bombay, Hendricks, Farmers Organic, Tanqueray, St. Augustine Distillery

Tequila: Don Julio, Espolon, Hornitos, Jose Cuervo, Milagro, Patron, Sauza

Liqueur, Cordials and other tasty nectars: Baileys, Barenjager, Chambord, Courvoisier, Disarranno, Fernet, Frangelico, Goldschlager, Grand Marnier, Hennessey, Jagermeister, Kahlua, Rumpleminz, St. Germaine

Check out Birdie's on Yelp